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Civilian Employment Assignment Tool (CEAT)

The Non-Appropriated (NAF) Civilian Employment Assignment Tool (CEAT) enables many current NAF employees to voluntarily request a non-competitive transfer to another Army installation where the same position may be available. 

What is CEAT?
CEAT is a program that allows many current NAF employees to voluntarily request a non-competitive transfer to another Army installation where the same position may be available. 

CEAT applies to NAF employees in the following categories:

  • Child and Youth Program Assistants (CYPAs) 
  • NF-03 and below
  • NAF FWS – NA, NL, and NS pay bands

Can I stay employed with Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) when the military moves my Family?
Yes! Eligible employees can now request a transfer to another installation through CEAT. But you can use CEAT for any reason, not just a PCS. 

How does CEAT work?

  1. Inform your supervisor of your intent to relocate and request leave without pay as applicable.
  2. Complete the CEAT transfer request form with your supervisor or Human Resources Office (HRO) (if not relocated).
  3. Complete the CEAT transfer request form with the gaining HRO if relocated to the new duty location. 

Do my background checks follow me to my new location?
Yes. When you accept a position at a new location without a break in service of more than 24 months, your previous background checks will be verified by the gaining servicing NAF Human Resource Office (HRO). If the last background checks are over 24 months old, consult your HRO.

Do I have to resign before moving?
No. CEAT allows you to continue with Family and MWR without a break in service. Even if it takes a little while to get settled, you’re authorized one year leave without pay to look for a job.

Are there any other eligibility requirements?
Signing up for the transfer is voluntary. If you had a performance evaluation of “Satisfactory” or higher and no disciplinary/adverse actions within 12 months of initiating the transfer request, you are eligible to register. Employees with disciplinary/adverse actions that are under appeal are not eligible to request transfer through CEAT until the appeal is resolved. 

Ready to Register for CEAT?
Completion of the following questionnaire will indicate your desire to transfer. If you submit data in error, please contact your servicing personnel office. Thank you for your continued interest in Army CYS!

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CEAT Orientation for Employees:
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What is CEAT?
CEAT enables current NAF employees voluntarily request a non-competitive transfer to another Army installation at the same grade/pay level and employment category.

Will an employee’s background checks follow when they get to their new location?
Yes. When an employee moves from one installation to another, and accepts a position without a break in service of more than 24 months, their previous background checks will be verified by the gaining servicing Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) Human Resource Office (HRO). If it has been more than 24 months since the last background checks were completed consult with your HR office.

Who is responsible for completing the employee transfer form?
The current employee, losing manager, losing HRO and gaining HRO are all responsible for sections of the employee transfer form.

Will an employee’s employment category change upon transfer?
No, the employment category will not change upon transfer.

What can an employee do if there are no positions available for transfer?
If a non-competitive transfer (position) is not available, you may apply for NAF jobs using USA Jobs, at local job fairs, or through your servicing NAF Human Resources (HR) Division.

How can HR view employees coming to their Garrison in the CEAT query tool?
Be sure to save the query tool on your desktop prior to opening in order to search the list applicants by location. Due to firewalls in place with AKO currently the macros are being removed from the excel spreadsheet

Will pay remain the same upon transfer?
Your pay may increase or remain the same based on the new duty location.

Is an employee eligible to transfer without a performance evaluation?
No, an employee must have a performance evaluation to transfer. An employee can receive an evaluation after 90 days. Prior to registering in CEAT ensure you have received an evaluation from your supervisor.

What happens after an employee registers in CEAT?
Once registered in CEAT the employee will complete the transfer request form and submit to the losing manager. The employee should also retain a copy for their records.

What happens to the employee transfer request form after an employee has transferred?
After an employee has successfully transferred the transfer request form is kept with the rest of the employee case file.