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Financial Readiness Program



Want to take charge of your finances? The Army's Financial Readiness Program (FRP) and Consumer Advocacy Services can help with comprehensive educational and counseling programs. Learn about debt, consumer advocacy and protection, money management, credit, financial planning, insurance, and consumer issues. Through classroom training and individual counseling, participants can learn how to save and invest money, establish savings goals, eliminate debt, and save for emergencies.


We offer:

  • Financial Readiness Program (FRP). FRP provides comprehensive educational and counseling programs in personal financial readiness. The program covers indebtedness, consumer advocacy and protection, money management, credit, financial planning, insurance, and consumer issues. Other services offered include mandatory financial literacy, financial planning for transitioning Soldiers, financial counseling for deployed Soldiers and their Families, and the Department of Defense Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance Program.
  • Army Emergency Relief (AER). AER is the US Army's own nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating financial distress in the force. AER provides grants and zero-interest loans to active-duty and retired Soldiers and their Families. AER has supported over 4 million Soldiers since 1942. AER offices are conveniently located at installations around the world. Visit to learn more.
  • Online Support and Education. Go to Financial Frontline for self-service financial literacy education and help.


Here are some other financial resources for Soldiers and their Families:

(Government Links)

  • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). The TSP is a federal government-sponsored retirement savings and investment plan available to both federal civilian employees and members of the uniformed services. The TSP offers the same type of savings and tax benefits that many private corporations offer their employees under 401(k) plans. The retirement income a TSP account provides will depend on working-year contributions and the earnings on those contributions. Learn more at the official Thrift Savings Plan website.


(Non-Government Links, No Endorsement Implied)

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Military Line. The BBB Military Line provides free resources to our military communities in the areas of financial literacy and consumer protection through the efforts of 112 BBBs across the US. Visit the BBB Military Line to learn more.


Financial Readiness Program Classes

All classes are held in person at 1591 Bell Richard Ave., BLDG 920 unless otherwise notified.

One-on-One Appointments

Due to limited staffing, ACS can only conduct appointments for the items below. 


Provides Service Members, Retirees, and Families with Hands On Training resolve financial situations that would normally be resolved during a One-on One appointment.

Survivor Outreach Services

This ACS Program also has Financial Wellness classes such as Basics of Investing, Home Buying, Consumer Scams and more.  Click the HERE to find out what they have to offer.

Department of Defense TouchPoints / Department of the Army Milestones

Service Members can go to    to conduct the training and receive their Certificates of Completion that they must upload on their DPTMS training portal.  For Transition also contact SFL-TAP Assistance at (915)568-7996 / 3870 / 4472.

During Reintegration (Post-Deployment) trainings ACS Financial Readiness will highlight items from the DoD Touchpoints / DoA Milestones and encourage people to complete the mandatory training.

Department of Defense TouchPoints / Milestones.  

Most of these classes are available online at:

Online classes are 3) TSP Vesting, 4) Promotion 5) PCS 6 ) Marriage 7) Birth and Adoption 8) Life Challenges (Divorce or Disabling Conditions)  and 10) Deployment (Pre and Post).  These online classes provide the DPTMS required Certificate upon completion.  They also have the DoD and DoA Handouts for each topic.

We must teach the 9) CCFSPCC (Leaders Training) 11) Continuation Pay and 12) Transition in person because as of now they are not available online.  ACS Financial Readiness will provide the Certificates of Completion for these classes.

Consumer Affairs
  • Consumer Complaint Resolution - Have your consumer rights been violated? If so, you can file a DA Form 5184-R Consumer Complaint and submit it to one of our Financial Readiness Specialists. When filing a complaint please attach all relevant and supporting documentation, i.e. warranties, bill of sale, correspondence with merchant, etc.
  • Form can be found HERE