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Garrison Commander's 2-Gun Shoot

The Garrison Commander 2-Gun Shoot is a competitive shooting event where participants use two types of firearms: a rifle and a pistol.

Note: This event has already passed.

Ages 15+ are allowed to participate. 

Materials Permitted: 3 magazines/weapon systems, and minimum of 150 rounds suggested. Equipment limited to rifles and pistols. 

Provide your own firearms, holsters, magazines and ammo!  All weapons must be registered with the VCC before entering the installations. Please click HERE for information 

Course of Fire: 


Pistol bay:

Engage star through the window then move to table. Engage steel with two hits each, mag change, engage paper.

Rifle bay:

Engage paper on left with rifle, magazine change, move to culvert, engage steel from over culvert.  Magazine change, move to window and engage paper through window.  Ground rifle in barrel. 


$30 per person

Registration Information

Register on-site, day of event, or call (337)353-0528 during hours of operation.